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Which frames bring out your best features?
Browse our most popular styles and find your ideal fit.


Accentuate the natural curves of your face or create a slimming effect on round faces with rectangle frames.


This flattering shape works well with longer faces or can balance the curves on those with fuller features.


Show off the angles of your face or go for glamour with oversized oval frames.

Cat eye

Cat eye frames are a favorite style for the fashion conscious. Rounder faces are also complimented by this classic style.


Feel confident wearing the perfect glasses for your face shape. The right pair can accentuate your best features. Keep in mind that fitting sizes will change depending on the make and model of your preferred eyewear. We recommend coming in and having our expert opticians help you find the perfect fit.

Oval shaped face

Oval Face

Rectangle, square and cat eye styles really compliment the curve of an oval face. All frame shapes can work if you have balanced features and a chin that is narrower than the forehead.

Round shaped face

Round Face

Circular face shapes, where the width and length are about the same, look great in rectangle, square and cat eye styles.

Heart shaped face

Heart-shaped face

Butterfly and round eyeglasses provide balance for those with a broad forehead and a narrow jawline and chin.

Square shaped face

Square face

Oval frames and soft shapes can balance the angles of the cheek, forehead and jaw. Frames that are wider than the face can enhance the effect.



With premium quality Titanium fronts and stainless steel temples as a base, ProDesign wanted add a splash of color to your world. It is our pleasure to unveil our new highly innovative and unified Rimlock™ these functional and discreet frames are just the accent you are looking for. The new Rimlock™ is exclusively patented for ProDesign®. This new line is extremely light weight and provides the ultimate comfort. The colors are high commercial tones that perfectly compliment that backside color that reveals a color ring around the metal hook, thus drawing attention to the hinge. The sanded acetate end tip matches the front color for that added touch.


Customize your frames to look and feel the way you want to.


This Titanium Collection places and emphasis on Coloration to produce frames like no other. The usual process involves each piece being colored individually for true and vibrant colors in each section. The titanium parts are all finished with our popular rubber coat and sandblasted end tips.

Italian Acetate

We use Italian Acetate for our material and focus on the craftsmanship. The 3-dimensional depth of the acetate allows for a mix of classic, natural, vibrant and transparent colors. The lamination in the middle of the of the temple matches the beautiful acetate block at the front of the frame and gives this collection a sharp clean look.

Fourth Dimensions

The Fourth Dimension is our most colorful collection ever. Our unique way of handling and sanding the acetate provides a stunning new look at how color combinations bring new life to frames. This project was hatched from the original idea of using cut outs from production, chopping them up into bits and mixing them all together again. The reused materials create a unique look.