Clarity & Style


Different lens materials exist to fit your particular and unique prescription. Let one of our experienced opticians provide the right option for you.

The very basic in lens material. Recommended for smaller and less complex prescriptions.

Thin, lightweight and more impact-resistant than regular CR-39, Trivex lenses are an excellent choice for mid range prescriptions and recommended for sunglasses or sports eyewear.

Perfect for those looking for ultra-thin lenses. Recommended for higher or more complex prescriptions.

Shamir Autograph II®


Just like a pair of shoes you buy from the store, your lenses are made to fit everyone around your “size” (prescription). This means you really aren’t getting the best fit for your foot like you would if you were to visit your local cordwainer (a.k.a. shoemaker) where he could make a shoe to fit each nook and cranny of your foot. Now, that would fit perfectly, right? The same goes for lenses, and we think everyone deserves the most personalized vision. In addition to the perfect fit, Autograph II® gives you wider fields of vision. Wider fields of vision give you more area of comfortable viewing in your lenses; up to 20% more than a “regular” lens.

If you are primarily going to wear glasses at work, then Autograph II® will be designed specifically for you to view the area within your work environment clearly. If you’re an active adult trekking the Norwegian Fjords and you gotta have your wrap frames, Autograph II® will be designed to fit those outdoor activities that you enjoy. It’s a nifty lens that you can’t get anywhere else. So you might as well jump on the bandwagon… you do want lenses that were actually made for you, don’t you? Well, then ask for Shamir Autograph II®.

Shamir Autograph III®


With Autograph III® – SV, we incorporated our most advanced technologies to ensure that your view of the world around you is the clearest it can be. With digital manufacturing and by incorporating your measurements, lenses don’t get more precise than this It doesn’t get more personalized than the Autograph III® – SV.


Whether you wear your glasses high on your bridge or your frames have an extreme tilt, your Rx lenses are optimized to fit you. Imagine a world where your lenses allow you to see more, when the prescription you previously had did not. This is the success behind the Autograph III® – SV. If you have a higher prescription, be prepared to enjoy more clarity, all thanks to a revolutionary technology called


Autograph III® – SV incorporates our patented EyePoint Technology III® as well as As-Worn Quadro™, which ensures you receive the ultimate solution for your visual needs.

Shamir Autograph III

Shamir Glacier Plus UV

Shamir Blue Zero

Bifocals & Progressives

Eyepoint Technology III ®

Looking for a solution for the problem of multiple prescription requirements through the same area of the lens? Shamir’s EyePoint Technology III ® can now give the user improved viewing experience regardless of the frames or prescription.

The Natural Posture has dynamic positioning, this allows full reading. It produces a posture that is natural for new viewing. Maximum measurements for maximum lens performance. For optimal performance for the lenses we have proprietary process that allows for control of the power profile of the lens.

The Autograph III is ideally suited to meet the needs of our modern lifestyle where digital devices are a constant without compromising comfort on any visual range or activity.

Progressives (No Line)
Progressive lenses are truly “multi-focal” and provide a progressive viewpoint anywhere on the lense. Multi-focal lenses have 2 or 3 focal areas.

Which lenses meet your vision needs the best?
The opticians will discuss with you in office which lenses material would be best for your prescription. Your prescription and frames will affect what lenses will be best for you.


Anti-Reflective coatings are used to disperse the frequency of light across the lens. With less reflection, this provides the user with a clearer picture of the image, and in return reducing eye strain. This coating is exceptional for night time driving and yet ideal for all lens wearers, especially for higher or complex prescriptions, astigmatism or multi-focal wearers, and computers users.

Crizal Easy
Long lasting, low maintenance cleaning.

Crizal Alize
Amazing protection against smudges, oil, and water.

Crizal Avance
Scratch resistant and coated with an excellent dirt and dust repellent to prevent degradation.

Crizal Sapphire
Nearly invisible lenses that minimize glare and reflections.

Crizal Prevencia
Protection against harmful indigo light found in sunlight, indoor lighting, and most digital screens


Polarized lenses contain a proprietary filament that blocks many types of intense reflected light, reducing glare and haze to combat ocular fatigue and improve vision quality.

Signature 7th generation

Exclusive Chromea7 photochromic technology intuitively adapts to any light. UV reactive lenses are completely clear indoors but get darker in brighter conditions.

Xtractive Transitions

Perfect for the outdoorsy Austinite, these all-day Transitions XTRActive lenses adjust to reduce strain and fatigue resulting from UV light and bright glare common in the urban outdoors. Xtractive Transition lenses activate behind a windowscreen and are great for shielding your eyes from rough indoor light.