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On The Move

Whether you’re shopping, enjoying a day at the park or on the lake, your lenses can help you look and see your best. Ray-Ban RoX® or Costa del Mar Classic Polarized lenses offer clear, crisp vision in a eclectic spectrum of tints and brands. Choose grey or brown tints for stylish sun protection.

On The Road

Protect your vision from reflections off the surface of cars, buildings and road glare. Polarized lenses allow you to see your path clearly and with less eye strain. Lenses in grey or brown tints are ideal.

In The Great Outdoors

Whether you are biking down the Greenbelt, or blazing your own path up Mont Bonnell, you’ll want the right prescription sun lens to keep you alert and aware of your surroundings. Polarized lenses diminish the sun’s glare while improving contrast, helping you see the contours of a trail better. We recommend lenses inn rose, black or grey tints.

On The Lake

Keep the sun out of your eyes while tubing, skiing or fishing. Polarized lenses reduce the amount of UV rays that impair your vision and help you see clearly on the water.

On The Green

Great for teeing off or throwing around a frisbee, polarized lenses give colors high contrast and depth. Create the best field of vision against your background and sun with Costa del Mar™ and Ray-Ban® lenses in rose, black or grey tints.